I use iTerm as my preferred terminal of choice now, ever since I read this article by Remy Sharp about the optimal Terminal setup. I followed Remy’s advice almost to the letter, except I skipped the bit about battery life as I’m generally permanently plugged in.

Oh and I have iTerm running in Visor mode as per the instructions here.

Here’s what my terminal screen looks like:

Having the instant feedback on git status is an absolute godsend.


Anyway, this is a damn-near perfect set up except for one thing. I use a full-size keyboard with a numeric keypad and iTerm by default doesn’t register the number pad keypresses properly. I often catch myself halfway down an Apache vhost config with a load of garbage on screen, where I have attempted to type in a number… and failed.


Luckily it’s a really quick fix. Here’s how.

  1. go to iTerm
  2. click ‘Preferences’ in the menu
  3. choose ‘Profiles’ and select your profile
  4. on the Right-hand-side choose ‘Keys’
  5. Click ‘Load Preset’ and then select ‘xterm with Numeric Keypad’

That’s it. Next time you fire up iTerm, you’ll have all your numbers to hand!

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