I periodically check my score on Klout to see how well it ranks the general interest of the kinds of information I am posting and the amount of activity taking place on my twitter, facebook, and LinkedIn.

The thing is, a score on Klout is pretty transient; you have to really work at it to maintain any kind of high score and that takes a lot of effort.

I noticed recently that I’d hit a huge drop-off in social networking activity with a corresponding drop in my Klout score.

Klout Score

I’m beginning to work a lot more in Github these days and it is a delight to see the daily updated activity measure “rug” on the bottom of the screen.

Looking at it for the same period as the Klout breakdown above, there’s a fairly obvious correspondence between the amount of activity on here and my social networking.

Github activity

So there you go. The proof.

OK, I guess it was pretty obvious… Less social networking means more work gets done. For me at least.

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