This is an easy-to-read book that presents itself as a hands-on guide to advancing the cause of usability — and user-testing in particular — within your organisation. It is a follow-up and a companion to “Don’t Make Me Think.”


It is packed full of sage, practical advice and good commonsense tips to get the most from your users and to maximise buy in from the stakeholders within your organisation.

There is also a companion web site with example videos and downloadable scripts for every stage of the user testing process, here:

Rocket Surgery Made Easy web site

Steve Krug (pronounced “Kroog”) writes in a clear, amusing and engaging way. His book is written to be read on a train journey or a short-haul flight, so it is short and to-the-point, which in my opinion makes it easier to digest and remember what Steve is saying.

The book is packed with charming illustrations that serve to underline the key message, which is that there is nothing like actually watching people use your web site. It is utterly eye-opening to see what people can and will do with the content that you provide them and this is something that everyone who has anything investing in the project should see.

This is an excellent guide to the world of DIY user-testing and will help developers and designers squeeze the maximum usefulness out of the smallest user-testing budget. Steve manages to distil years of experience into a handful of pithy maxims and in the process has written a book that should be on every self-respecting web professional‘s bookshelf.

I give this book 5 stars. It is really well written and concise, without being stuffy or judgemental.


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